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My Knee Injury

My Knee Injury App is your very own personalised Injury app for your pocket. My Knee Injury App provides users with detailed information, treatment and identification of the most common knee injuries treated everyday by Health Professionals worldwide. Within the app you will find a vast array of strengthening and flexibility exercises that have been specifically designed for injury treatment and rehabilitation. The app has been created with the user in mind to make it simple and easy to navigate around so you can manage your injury effectively. Below you will find detailed information that you will get from My Knee Injury App.


Injury information

Each and every injury found within the app has a vast amount of vital information that aims to educate and inform users of their specific injury they are suffering from. For each injury you will find:

Detailed Injury Image

Detailed Injury Description

Common injury causes

Common signs and symptoms

Common healing times for the injury

Helpful tips to minimize injury aggravation

Useful products to help improve injury recovery


For each and every injury found within the app you will find specific treatment guidelines for specific stages of your injury treatment. These treatment stages are broken down into first 48-72 hours after injury, 3-5 days after injury, 7-14 days after injury and 3 weeks + after injury. Within each of these stages you will find specific strengthening and flexibility exercises commonly used to treat specific injuries. However, it is important that your Health Professional approves the application of these exercises for your injury recovery before performing any self treatment.    

My Program

The my program feature allows users to save specific strengthening and flexibility exercises along with specific taping techniques to the my program tab. When used in collaboration with your Health Professional you can create a rehab program specific to your injury recovery phase. Health Professionals can use the my program feature to create rehab programs for their clients and use the export feature to email a list of exercises found in the app that they should be performing for their injury recovery.  


Within the app you will find a vast amount of injury specific exercises that help you improve your strength and flexibility during your injury treatment and rehabilitation. All exercises found within the app have retina display images of how to perform the exercises, explanation of the exercise such as reps and sets and the purpose and also detailed written steps. You will also find out the specific and additional muscles that are involved in the exercise. Furthermore you will find "Tips" information that helps you improve the effectiveness of each particular exercise.

Injury Identifier

The injury identifier feature found within the app allows users to filter through a variety of descriptions that could possibly identify the knee injury that you are suffering from. When selecting the area of pain the user is prompted with a detailed description of specific symptoms that would be associated with a particular knee injury. The user is prompted to select the symptoms that best describes what they are feeling. It is important to note that this does not replace personal one on one consultation with a qualified health professional.

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