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Bringing Injury related information into the palm of your hand.


Regen Health Technology Pty Ltd is a small start up company that was established in 2013 with one goal in combine

technology and injury related information and bring it into the palm of everyones hand. Regen Health Technology aims to create mobile apps that are user friendly and graphically appealing to help users gain a greater understanding towards musculo skeletal injuries that can occur in our everyday lives.


All information found within these apps have been provided by a fully qualified Health Professional who has over 7 years experience in working in the Professional Health industry. He has a vast knowledge and understanding of musculo skeletal injuries, injury treatment and rehabilitation. Also qualified in acupuncture dry needling treatment and clinical pilates he provides a depth of knowledge from a variety of Health related areas.


The companies passion for technology and injury treatment has enabled these one of a kind apps to be developed to provide the world with a comprehensive and in-depth guide to injury rehabilitation and prevention.     



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